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Subsidised horse transportation

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Stables open 16th December 2017

Subsidised world class facilities


The Dubai Racing Club (DRC) will meet the cost of return transport for each horse to and from it country of residence based on 1/3 share (see previous page), providing the horse runs twice at Meydan during the 2018 Dubai World Cup Carnival.

For countries from where direct travel is not available to the UAE due to quarantine protocols, a travel subsidy will be provided to assist with shipment costs for horses.

If the horse is sold either privately or at public auction in the UAE, the return portion of the transport subsidy is forfeited.


Dubai Racing Club quarantine stables consist of three facilities:

1.    Dubai World Cup Quarantine Stables
2.    International Quarantine Stables
3.    Meydan Quarantine Stables

All three facilities are located adjacent to Meydan Racecourse, and approximately 25 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport.

In the DRC quarantine stables there will be no cost related to:

•    Provision of boxes
•    Limited on-site accommodation (on a shared basis)
•    DRC quarantine stables security staff
•    Use of any Meydan training facility
•    Use of shared administration office 
•    All electricity and water.
•    Transport to and from Meydan when engaged to race.
Also, the DRC will supply a minimum of two grooms/attendants for each barn consisting of 10 boxes in the DRC Quarantine Stable, who may be utilized by any occupying trainer.  Please note the DRC grooms are there to assist visiting staff and will NOT be held responsible for the horse/s in the absence of trainer or his/her employees.
The following costs will be the responsibility of horse connection (owner/trainer):
•    AED 100 (approx. US$30) for hay and bedding will be charged per day per horse.
•    Veterinary fees
•    Farrier fees
•    Feed
•    Supplements/medical supplies
•    Licence/visa charges
Except for those that are required to enter Pre-Export Quarantine, subsidies will end seven (7) days after the horse's final run at
Meydan Racecourse.

For those horses remaining in the DRC Quarantine Stables, AED 2,000 per month (box rental only) will be charged.


Apart from housing horses in modern facilities, the DRC quarantine stables also provide stable staff with excellent on-site accommodation.  Included in the staff accommodation is a recreation room, swimming pool, administration office with internet access and international telephone.  

The accommodation is close to all local amenities.

The following accommodation allowances will be made:

    1 - 2 horses    1 person
    3 - 4 horses    2 people
    5 - 7 horses    3 people
    8 - 10 horses    4 people

Dubai Racing Club will accommodate at least one member of staff per trainer at on-site accommodation with additional staff members being accommodated at a nearby off-site hotel apartment complex.

Accommodation Deposit
Each trainer will be required to deposit AED1,000 damages security for each member of staff accommodated on-site.  The full amount will be refunded upon the departure of the staff member if apartment/room has not sustained any damage.

Staff Transfer/Change Over Fee
Due to the newly implemented Tourism Tax for hotel/hotel apartments/accommodation there will be an administration fee levied to the trainers account for each transfer/change-over of staff made throughout the DWCC season.

PLEASE NOTE: All requests pertaining to accommodation and/or the facilities should be directed to the appropriate quarantine facility manager (please find details in Contact Directory).