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Shipping Conditions


The Dubai Racing Club (DRC) will offer, through Janah Management Co Ltd and their appointed agents, to co-ordinate the shipping of horses to and from Dubai after 3rd January, 2021 for the 2021 Dubai World Cup Carnival (DWCC).
The DRC will cover the cost of return air freight for each horse accepted into the Dubai World Cup Carnival, based on three horses per pallet on existing scheduled service cargo routes, from their country of origin, or nearest country/airport with scheduled service cargo routes to/from Dubai and return to the same point, together with affiliated charges for UAE Import/Export.  For UK/EU origin horses the use of Janah operated charter flights will be optimized and wherever possible will be used in preference to scheduled line flights.

Should owners wish to make alternative arrangements relating to the return of their horses, they will be responsible for all charges applicable to this change.
Unless sold, all DWCC horses must leave Dubai as soon as transport arrangements have been made.  Owners wishing to leave their horses in Dubai after the 2019 Dubai World Cup Carnival must gain approval from the DRC.
Horses that remain in Dubai 30 days AFTER the 2021 Dubai World Cup meeting will forfeit their return transport subsidies.  Unless, in the case of EU horses, they immediately enter the official 30 day EU return quarantine facility following the Dubai World Cup Meeting.

The cost of road transport from Dubai International Airport to the DRC Quarantine Stables and the return route will be covered by the DRC.

Horses travelling from GCC countries will recieve a travelling allowance based on the current commercial rate as determined by the DRC.

Where charter costs are involved, reimbursement will be at the discretion of the DRC and Janah Management Co Ltd.

Any international horse subsequently INVITED to run at the Dubai World Cup Meeting on 27th March 2021, which is already resident in Dubai, will be eligible for further benefits as per the Dubai World Cup policy.

PLEASE NOTE: Trainers' staff will not be able to travel with their horses due to the current security and clearance procedures.

Horses from all countries will need to meet, as a minimum, the UAE permanent import conditions appropriate to the country of origin.
Whilst in the UAE carnival horses will be stables in regional groups in a designated quarantine facility seperated from local horses.  Access to these areas will be restricted.

PLEASE NOTE: Horses entering the UAE which the connections wish to send to a local stable for training (non-isolation stables), must meet UAE permanent import conditions and travel with the appropriate permanent import health certification.  Horses will be isolated and tested for disease, vaccinated and treated as necessary to allow them to return to the country of origin or to any other country nominated by connections.

Horses arriving in the UAE will be restricted to their allocated compound at the Quarantine facility for up to 48 hours, depending on the length of journey.

Horses which travel for less than six (6) hours (stable to stable) will be confined for a minimum of 12 hours after their arrival at the quarantine facility.

Horses travelling for more than six (6) hours (stable to stable) will be confined for a minimum of 48 hours after their arrival at the quarantine facility.

During this time they will not be allowed out on the exercise track; they will be closely monitored for recovery from the journey and blood samples will be taken.

Each compound has a walking ring.

The rules are intented to reduce the risk of disease developing in horses and possibly spreading to other horses.

PLEASE NOTE: When possible, horses arriving after initial flights will spend the first six (6) days on seperate quarantine location from that of horses already in the DRC quarantine facility.

EU horses are permitted to remain in the UAE for a maximum of 90 days

Any EU horses staying longer that 90 days will be required to complete 30 days quarantine prior to re-export.
On the opposite page you will find a summary of the key vaccination requirements for entry of horses of all origins into the UAE from EU.

Further information in regard to pre-export health requirements will be provided directly by Janah Management Company.

Equine influenza vaccination requirements for permanent entry into UAE-Compulsory.

Within 60 days of export but NOT within 14 days of export the horse must be administed:

Either a valid primary course consisting of two vaccinations 21 - 42 days apart with the same vaccine (both doses must be administered with the 60 days but not within 14 days of travel.
Or a booster to a valid primary vaccination (21 - 42 days apart with the same vaccine) - boosters must be given within 12 months of the primary course, and within 12 months of each booster vaccination.  The most recent booster must be within 60 days but not within 14 days of shipping.
If the primary course in the passport does not meet with the required 21 - 42 day interval, or both doses were not the same vaccine then a new primary course MUST be given.
If there is more than 12 months between any booster doses a new primary course MUST be given.
If you are considering travelling your horse to DWCC or DWC please urgently send a coloured scan of the passport vaccination pages to [email protected] so that we can advise if there is any action to take in this regard to ensure shipping.

Please note that the following items are NOT permitted to tbe shipped along with tack:
A limited amount of feed can be shipped along with the horse(s) subject to the following:
Available space on aircraft as advised by Janah
All bags must be unopened, sealed, labelled and documented according to instructions recieved 
by Janah
A maximum of 3 bags per horse, this is to allow time for feed deliveries to be sourced/delivered locally